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How to Choose a Life Jacket, Life Vest, Personal Floatation Device (PDF) for Recreational Kayaking

#2: Does Your PFD Fit Correctly?

Before buying your life vest, spend some time testing the fit and adjusting the straps. See that it fits snuggly, does not slide off, and allows for your full paddling motion. Check the maximum weight limit printed on the inside of the vest.

PDF’s for Women

For women, look for life vests contoured to a women's body type and size. Men's jackets tend to slip off women's bodies.

PDF’s for Children

For children, look for life jackets based on your child's weight, with padded head support, a handle, and a crotch strap. Have them practice wearing their jackets at home prior to their adventures on the water.

PDF’s for Dogs

Not all dogs are strong swimmers and rough water can tire them quickly. Buy your furry friend a snug fitting PDF designed for a dog’s body shape with quick-release buckles and a handle.

#3: Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

For short trips on the water, you may want a pocket to hold your keys or a sandwich. For longer trips, look for life vests designed specifically for kayak camping and kayak fishing with multiple zippered pockets in various sizes.

The most important thing to remember about your personal floatation device is to wear it – before you need it!

Post Date: 8/8/2014

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