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Kayaking with My Dog at Newport Back Bay, California

I am a novice kayaker, on the water maybe 5 or 6 times, so when it was suggested that we take our dogs out with us I was a bit apprehensive. My dog dislikes swimming pools, making a beeline to the stairs each time I have taken her in. However, she will get her feet wet at the beach, venturing in further only to “warn me” of the “danger” from the crashing surf. The kayaking venue was Upper Newport Back Bay, Newport Beach, California, where the water is calm and shallow, making it a perfect place to test my abilities with a dog on board… so I decided to give it a go.

It was suggested that the dogs wear a lifejacket, and since the kayak rental place did not stock them for pets, a trip to the pet store was the first step in this adventure.  Outward Hound sells quality pet travel gear for active dogs. Their Pet-Saver Lifejacket is no exception. This bright orange flotation device has a top grab handle, heavy velcro flaps, and quick release buckles. Size medium fit well, looked comfortable, and my dog left it on without complaints.

With the life jacket handled, thoughts moved to how to get my dog into a small plastic boat floating in water. Forcing her into the kayak would scare her off and set a bad tone. She had to get in willingly, so I cut up her favorite treat into small pieces and placed them in a ziploc bag. Hmm, what else? Towels to dry her off before getting back into the car and a blanket and the pet first aid kit… just incase.

Post Date: 1/12/2010, Article by: Mary Vassilakis, website...


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