Kayaker navigating waves at shoreline
Paddling the world one stroke at a time

Kayaking By Myself in the Open Ocean for the First Time

As told by a 10-year old Kayaker

I was at the beach. I took my boat into the water. It was early morning. I got in my sit-on-top and waited for a big wave to go by. Right after the wave crashed, I shot out like a rocket. I was paddling real hard. I hit the next wave coming. My boat jumped out of the water then smacked the top of the water.

I got back paddling out to my friend Taran and my mom. I kayaked up beside them and waited for my dad. When he got there, he told us where we were going. We went out about a half-mile to the red buoy. When we went past, the seals were probably pretty stinky, but I had gotten so used to their smell, that I don't notice anymore.

As we were going back to shore, we saw a few dolphins. We stopped to talk with our friend, Greg. After that, I saw another friend, Jack. Jack and I played in the surf for a while. I flipped once on a pretty good-sized wave. When I did, I wasn't scared at all. It was actually really fun because it cooled me off!

When we were done kayaking, we had breakfast at The Lighthouse – me, Jack, Taran, Liz, Doug, and my mom and dad.

Post Date: 10/3/2009, Article by: Zeke Carpenter, age 9


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