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Building a Wood Strip Sea Kayak - Art on Water

For anyone with an interest in building their own kayak, the following is a brief article relating to my experiences in building a wood strip sea kayak.

Having been bitten by the boat building bug a few years ago, I've found this to be an enjoyable and unique hobby that results in something that is not only fully functional, but has an artistic quality that makes it extra special. People notice, in other words.

And probably contrary to first thought, these wood strip water craft are light-weight and durable and without the need of fancy tools or equipment to build them. What you do need however, is patience and some good background music!

After choosing to build a sea kayak as my second project, I browsed different web sites for designs, and plans and settled upon Guillemot Kayak's designs and plans by Nick Schade. Well-designed and informative, the web site would aid any prospective builder in choosing a boat for themselves.

In this case, I selected the Guillemot-L design. I also chose to go only with the plans and the accompanying paperback book as my construction guide, but full kits can be purchased as well. In that case, all materials, forms and wood strips are included (but also much more expensive). I like the flexibility of hunting for a variety of wood choices and cutting the strips myself (and getting covered in sawdust - ha!)

Post Date: 10/23/2010, Article by: Jeff Hanson


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