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Speaking of fish...

TIP #1: Catching fish along the way would be a bonus, but don't count on it or you may go hungry! On the other hand, the T&T cans of tuna are so uninspired. Other seafood choices? Try canned clams, tins of oil-packed sardines or anchovies, vacuum packed smoked salmon or whitefish (make sure you choose the shelf stable varieties, not those that need refrigeration). Try your local Italian market for an interesting variety of high quality canned seafood products.

While we're on the subject of Italian markets...

TIP #2:  Consider shopping sources beyond the local supermarket. Ethnic markets are a goldmine for well-priced, shelf-stable products. Soba noodles, curry paste, falafel mixes, gnocchi, tubes of pesto... the list is endless. And ethnic markets are also a great source for inexpensive and interesting spice blends.

Post Date: 10/4/2010

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