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Kayak Waveology is a paddling school that works 60 miles of shore line from Eastern CT to Newport RI. We have the ability to move about to hit the right venue on the best day to deliver proper sea conditions to enhance the learning environment for our clients. We have some of the fastest flowing currents and volume in the East Coast second only to the Bay Of Fundy, sandy shore-break surf zones on the South shore of RI, and a challenging rocky and cliff lined coast for rock hopping along the Jamestown and Newport RI coast. All of these venues create some of the best sea state conditions in Southern New England to make for a fantastic and exciting sea kayaker’s playground. And a big plus is the warm waters south of Cape Cod! Our home base for the majority of our courses is Stonington Borough CT, where access is plentiful to many tidal race and surf venues and classic New England sheltered harbors.
Kayak Waveology was formed by Greg Paquin in 2006 and soon join by Paula Riegel, with the mission of providing “Sea kayaking instruction for those looking to do more”. Long involved with the internationally recognized BCU since the Nordcapp Trust North America days, Greg has been paddling since 1989 and coaching since 2002. Paula starting her paddling career in 2003 and coaching in 2006. The main theme of our coaching process is to build proper foundational skills that allow a paddler to grow from a novice to an advance paddler. This progression speaks to the intricacies of sea paddling. We generate an exciting atmosphere by our passion for the sport of sea kayaking, and commitment to grow the sport to the highest level we can in a super star venue. With the Yin –Yang approach of complementary forces, Greg and Paula bend strength and finesse into the body, mind and spirit of sea paddling, while exploring where the oceans meet the land.
We train and assess the BCU courses from the multi discipline foundations of 2 Star up to the leadership of the 4 Star Sea Leader award, so one is then clearly ready to advance to 5 Star Sea Leader and the expeditioning world. We also blend in free form, performance courses for flat water, surfing, rock hopping, to the famed tide race surfing courses. All this keeps the excitement running high and the fires burning for more. We coach folks just getting into sea kayaking at an entry level all the way to those with many decades of experience.
We use high quality boats and gear at Kayak Waveology, the same boats and equipment that we trust our lives with. The gear we have chosen to use is the gear we sell. We are dealers for SKUK (NDK Kayaks), REED, Snap Dragon, Peak UK, Lendal, Rock Wave and Ibex.
Greg is Currently BCU Coach 4, 5 Star Sea, 4 Star Assessor, and ACA L5 Advance Open Water Instructor.
Paula is currently BCU Coach 2, 5 Star Leader Aspirant, ACA L4 Open Water Instructor, and ACA Adaptive Paddler Instructor.
As our business is growing, we bring in other local coaches and guides we regularly paddle with for larger events like the “Autumn Gales” and are also actively training some young local talent to be solid leaders and coaches.
Web site : www.kayakwaveology.com

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