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BOIERTO 10'6"%D732"%D76" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards for Adults, Yoga Boar...

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?STABLE and MANEUVERABLE?BOIERTO paddle board is 10'6''long x 32''wide x 6'' thick, with weight capacity up to 330lbs. It's easy for beginners to stand up and balance on the SUP board. The wide no-slip deck and performance shape make for fast, fun paddling for all skill levels, perfect for using the ocean, lakes and rivers. It is an ideal all round paddle board for adults, teens, youth and with pets of all skill levels. ?EXTRA STEEL D RINGS and KAYAK SEAT?BOIERTO installs two D rings on both sides of the middle part of the paddle board, which can bring you different fun. For example, the kayaka seat can be installed on the paddle board through these D rings, or connect your paddle board with your friend's through these D rings. ?Hawaii Totem Design?Quickly inflates and deflates for portability, BOIERTO foldable inflatable paddle boards are very easy to carry and set up. BOIERTO use a High tech process to transform military-grade PVC into a rock-solid rigid platform. With a core of composite drop-stitch fibers connected to the nearly indestructible outer skin, the inflatable boards stand up to anything you want to do on the water. ?3 REMOVABLE FINS?3 removable fins have more fun.You can ride the board with only a tall center fin when speed is a priority. You can use a large center fin and two smaller side fins when you want additional lateral stability, for example in currents or windy conditions. If you%92re going out in shallow water, you can put in a shorter center fin. or you can take out the center fin entirely and use only the two side fins to help you clear obstacles and keep the board agile. ?COMPLETE PADDLEBOARD KIT and 24H SERVICE?All professional accessories: Kayak seat, leash, hand pump, 3 removable fins, length-adjustable floating paddle, mobile phone waterproof bag, 5L waterproof backpack. Stand up inflatable board is perfect for professional athletes, sea sports enthusiasts, beginners, elder players, and youth. BOIERTO offers 1 year warranty for your order, if any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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