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Bonnlo Kayak Cart, Heavy Duty Universal Kayak Trailer Adjustable Width 6.3"-18.7...

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Universal Kayak Cart--The bars can be set to a distance from 6.3"-18.7", telling what width you have between bars is easy with the included measurement markings on the axle, so this is truly universal to any kayak or canoe. Doesn't matter how far under the kayak you put it, it works with any kind of keel. 450 Lbs Capacity Kayak Dolly--This kayak cart is fully adjustable while remaining sturdy, easy to use, and holds up to 450 lbs. The high weight rating is due to the bunker bar design with all marine grade, heat-treated aluminum. Easily Load--The kickstand makes this cart much easier to load the kayak onto the cart and the padded support bars grab the yak well Kayak Wheels--The 12" big solid wheels make this kayak wheels cart better and easier on the sand, letting you roll your kayak smoothly across streamlined movement over a variety of terrains like sand, lawns, and rough terrain Kayak Accessories--2 Years of warranty. The Kayak trolly system will come with two 11.8 FT straps and a free pump. The straps attach to the tubes on the cart and grip the kayak firmly with minimal slippage

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