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Paddling the world one stroke at a time


The Kayak Roll a.k.a. Eskimo Roll

Whenever a non-paddler learns that I'm a sea kayaker, the conversation invariably turns to flipping over. "What do you do?!" "How do you get out of the boat?" "Don't you get trapped?!" The very idea of being stuck under water is so terrifying to some that they never attempt kayaking. Or if they do, they limit themselves to sit-on-top, fair-weather paddling.

If that's you, my advice is... GO GET WET! Before attempting any kind of roll procedure, get in the pool, lake, ocean or whatever body of water nearest you, and get your hair wet. Do somersaults, handstands, see how long you can hold your breath. Remember all the stuff you did as a kid? Just play in the water.

Comfortable now? Good! Time for the next step.

Post Date: 8/8/2009, Article by: Ann Carpenter

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