Two Kayakers paddling near mountainous range
Paddling the world one stroke at a time

The Kayak Roll a.k.a. Eskimo Roll

Now is the hard part for me. How to describe in words how to do a kayak roll. Sorry, I can't. I'm not competent enough as an instructor or a writer. (Can you write clear instructions on how to tie a shoe? Try it. Write the instructions, then have a friend follow the instructions EXACTLY. I guarantee that shoe won't get tied properly.) Plus, I'm admitting, in public, I haven't done a roll for a very long time. Too long.

If you're a long-time kayaker, paddling in calm waters, you rarely have a need to roll. So it's easy to say to yourself, "I'll practice rolling and wet exits next time. I don't feel like getting wet."

So this video is for all of us – wanna-be paddlers and seasoned enthusiasts. GO GET WET!

Thank you, Sea Kayaking Skills & Adventures, Ltd. for making such a great video and posting it for all to see!

Post Date: 8/8/2009, Article by: Ann Carpenter


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