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Cool Kayaking Online Training Resources

New to kayaking? Want to improve your technique? Need to expand your skill set? Here are a couple of online resources to help you become a better paddler, no matter what level of kayaker you are now.

The first web site is KayakPaddling.net. Here, you can find practical animated tutorials about sea kayaking. They start right from the beginning with the most essential paddling strokes and continue on with detailed assistance on braces and Eskimo rolls. The techniques are written mainly for open water paddlers, but most of the information is also valid for white water kayaking.

KayakPaddling.net and its content are designed by visual communication designer and paddling enthusiast Niko Hakkarainen, but versions are being translated by volunteers around the world. At last count, it was fourteen different languages. And the visuals are so good, you can understand the technique without words at all!

For short to-the-point technique videos, check out Canoe & Kayak Magazine's 2-minute lessons:

Post Date: 10/27/2010, Article by: Ann Lee


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