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Marine Trails

Lakes-to-Locks Water Trail

The Lakes-To-Locks Water Trail is a day use trail with over 100 public places to launch and land small non-motorized boats in the midst of vibrant Pacific Northwest communities. Explore the greater Seattle metropolitan area on lakes, rivers, and waterways. Discover hidden coves or enjoy miles of open water fringed by a variety of natural areas, suburban neighborhoods, and heavy urban industries.

The trail was designated in August 2000. It quickly received national notice, winning the inaugural Blue Ribbon Award from North American Water Trails in 2001 and the National Park Service Partnership Award in Recreation in 2002.

Lower Columbia Water Trail

The Lower Columbia River Water Trail is a 146-mile, bi-state trail spanning the tidally influenced river waters from the Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean. This water trail was dedicated in the summer of 2004. Work is ongoing surveying, working with landowners, and publicizing launch and landing sites, campsites, and other facilities for non-motorized boaters.

Willapa Bay Trail

A trail that stretches along the Southwest Washington coast, touching some of the most beautiful spots on the shoreline and providing spectacular views of sandy beaches, dune grasslands, coastal pine forests, and wildlife at play.

Northwest Discovery Water Trail

The next great Washington water trail being planned is the Northwest Discovery Water Trail. The trail links the Clearwater River in Idaho, Snake River in Idaho and Washington, and Columbia River to Bonneville.

Maine Island Trail

The Maine Island Trail is a 375-mile waterway extending from the New Hampshire boarder on the west, to Machias Bay on the east. The Trail winds its way along the coast, around magnificent and exposed capes, through protected saltwater rivers and quiet bays, and among islands large and small. It includes over 180 islands and mainland sites along the route, available for day visits or overnight camping.

Post Date: 1/22/2011, Article by: Ann Carpenter


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